Make Your Number

21 Feb 2018 16:40

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Investors, Executives, and Peers all reward consistent performance. Delivering the expected results, day in and day out is a sure path to a stock price increase, promotion, and applause. The rewards come because it is so hard to do. It requires focus, discipline, and repetition. Following a simple formula can help improve your performance and get you to the promised land.

Step 1: Get Data.You need to know your starting point. Guessing doesn’t help. Feel good anecdotes are addictive and can lead to disastrous habits. It’s best to get a clear-eyed view of your current status and trends. And importantly, concentrate on "why" not "what".

Step 2: Based on the data, Identify Downsides. Know what your risks are, what can go wrong, and what the impacts are. If you know your risks you can take steps to mitigating them.

Step 3: Create upsides. Use your imagination to create solutions that generate value. The most effective solutions aren’t exotic; they are practical. Do more or less of what you are currently doing. Change timelines. Add investments. Think and act. Don’t whine.

Be consistent. Follow a process. Be practical. Add value and be rewarded with your fair share. Make Your Number.

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